Non-invasive prostate cancer test

When cancer cells appear in the prostate, there are no symptoms of the disease for a long time, so this disease is often detected in the later stages, when patients begin to complain of symptoms similar to those of a urinary tract infection or benign prostatic hyperplasia. When prostate cancer spreads to other organs or tissues, pain occurs in the pelvis, hips, back, and blood may appear in the urine. Prostate cancer is usually diagnosed in older men. 

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis, the identification of new prostate cancer biomarkers is important, which is becoming more and more simple and effective in our time. Early detection of prostate cancer increase the chances of successfully preventing the disease. 

In the first stages, prostate cancer is almost invisible, so reliable and advanced tools are necessary for its diagnosis. A liquid biopsy test examines patients’ urine to determine the likelihood of prostate cancer and significant prostate cancer. The results obtained help to make decisions about what further steps and treatment should be taken.

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When ordering the test, you confirm that you have the clinical data required for the test (PSA concentration in blood serum and prostate volume).