We are a company devoted to the introduction of innovative molecular diagnostics tests into medical practice. The company is focused on the development of non-invasive means for diagnostics. Proprietary technologies allow for sensitive detection and quantification of nucleic acid biomarkers in body fluids. This is a convenient, non-invasive method of diagnostics that enables physicians to precisely diagnose the disease and patients can avoid inconvenient and in some cases even harmful invasive procedures.


The professional and experienced team exploits several modern technologies in research and development and works in a creative environment. This allows the company to succeed in its activities.

prostate cancer diagnostics

Diagnolita provides service of non-invasive prostate cancer diagnostics test. The test allows for precise and reliable estimation of likelihoods of prostate cancer and high-grade prostate cancer by testing patients urine.


This is a liquid biopsy based molecular test developed and validated in cooperation with leading urologists in Lithuania.


The test helps to avoid unnecessary biopsies in the case of low-grade prostate cancer and identify patients with high-grade prostate cancer for detail further diagnosis and treatment.