Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

The prostate cancer risk calculator shows the probability of prostate cancer based on available clinical information: age, serum PSA concentration, family history of cancer, prostate volume, and digital rectal examination (DRE) result. It is possible to calculate the probability of cancer even without knowing all these risk factors. However, adding more risk factors results in a more accurate prediction. The calculated risk of cancer is not a diagnosis of the disease. Its intended use is self-evaluation or estimating the need for additional tests.

The risk calculator shows the overall probability of cancer, including the risks of both clinically significant (aggressive) and insignificant cancer. The probability of clinically significant cancer is lower than the estimated total probability of cancer, which you can find out with the Diagnolita Prostate Cancer Biomarker Diagnostic Test.

The calculator is based on the data from Diagnolita’s research in Lithuania and is constantly updated. The calculator is suitable when the person has not been previously diagnosed with prostate cancer, and the PSA and DRE test results are less than one year old.

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The calculated risk of cancer is not a diagnosis of the disease.
To learn your overall and significant prostate cancer risk take Diagnolita's Prostate Cancer Biomarker Urine Test.